New Single - MARCH 2020

Valentina Brave releases yet another impassioned soul anthem. This Place Your Soul is a huge  track and a token of gratitude and respect for the community of Maningrida where she and her family have been living. Produced by Aria nominated artist Danielle Caruana (Mama Kin), the song was co-written in collaboration with, and features Senior Singerman Victor Rostron from the Dalabon peoples in Arnhem Land who wrote a verse in his own Kune language about his feelings ‘belonging to country’ and lends one of his clans ceremonial songlines (Kunborrk) to the track. A  super charged, deeply moving track COMING MARCH 2020!! 

“Valentina Brave steps forward as an artist carrying the same emotive connection to her music as Florence + The Machine’” - Pilerats


"Valentina Brave’s Debut EP Wildflower, is a cathartic release, a cinematic portrayal of what happens when you let your wounds speak. Produced by Aria nominated Artist Danielle Caruana (Mama Kin), Wildflower is a visceral expression of what grows from the human heart and an incredible debut from a breathtaking multi-dimensional artist. Wildflowers grow unapologetically, sprung from dust, their beauty bleeding freely into the world. Like these, Brave is a dynamic feminine force."

I MET A MAN - Debut Single

Valentina Brave

Unapologetic and unforgiving, this vintage Betty Davis style rock bomb, is a heavy soul war-cry against the status quo. Valentina Brave holds nothing back on a full force performance where her epic voice wails a warning to ‘the man’ that ‘you can only wash your self clean as your darkest sin’. Produced by Danielle Caruana (Mama Kin) in her Margaret River home studio, this is an incredible debut single from an astonishingly diverse artist who will leave you gasping.

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Valentina Brave's performance shifts hearts and minds to a new level, raw beauty shines through humane lyrics and themes that everyone from all walks of life connect to. You can feel the strength of Valentina's connection to her community, the ancient Australian landscape and its people as she delicately roars out her soul for all to experience.”

— Ahva Dub - Garma Festival Music Director

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